About Me – Joa

Hi and welcome everyone!

Let’s do the short version of who I am!  I’m Joa which is short for Joannay, born and raised in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, living in Ohio – Erie County – since 2018.

I have a degree in hotel management, and also in business administration. I Love to TRAVEL and I’m always chasing travel deals!

Blog by Joa is a travel, and lifestyle blog. Family, friends, coworkers are always asking me for good deals for their vacations, so my goal is to share how I do it, share amazing tips that I implement when I travel, share favorites parts of my trips (other people experiences can be very helpful), fun tips of what to do, and of course food recommendations because I’m a FOODIE especially love brunches!

Finally, I made the decision of starting the blog after spending the last months learning about Websites,  SEO and marketing analytics. To my surprise it was very easy, there are tons of videos on Youtube and tips that you can use. I just recommend that if you want to start one, be consistent and go all the way. Choose a catchy domain and good Web Hosting. In my case, I’m using Banahosting, which I 100% recommend, they have an amazing support team (I tried 2 others before) and tons of demos. I’ll leave the link below for you to check more info.


I hope you find in this blog tips and information to have a wonderful travel experience!

“I work. I travel. I become. I share”

Muah! Joa