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Recap: Travel Essentials Checklist

Whether you’re going traveling for a weekend or a week, there are some important items you need to have on your travel checklist.

If the last nine years traveling have taught me anything, it is that without a travel checklist I still today can forget the essential items. With how many flights I have been on in those years, you think I would have mastered the art of packing the essentials. Not the case.

I may not forget the basics like my passport but I could forget some other essentials that are needed, to make a much easier, more hassle-free experience.


I have figured out my 5 travel essential combos. I technically bring more than just these items, BUT these are my ride or die plane items!


This combo includes a neck pillow, sleep mask, earplugs, scarfs or cardigan, and warm socks.


You can be in danger without these ones. Your passport, cash, credit cards, and a pen.


Check that yours are TSA approved. This combo includes a toothbrush, gum, refreshing towelettes, hand cream, hand sanitizer, deodorant and ziplock bags (You will surprise all the uses you can give them).
Girls, always 1 extra undies and a backup tampon.


We all need entertainment. Your phone, a book or tablet, power charger with the cable and headphones.


Water bottle and snacks, always!

There is a special essential combo that varies with every personal situation. Those who use glasses or contacts. Add to your list the case and the glasses or your contact lens solutions, my mom always forgets them…If you need special medication, also add them to the list to not forget them.

I’ve experimented myself forgetting some of these basics and guess what…Every time that I do, something happens that I need them. Here comes spending extra money on the Duty-free stores.

Hope this checklist helps you to not forget the essentials.

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