Who doesn’t love to travel?

I can think of numerous reasons why people should travel. We see ads, we read travel quotes or we have that friend who spends his time traveling and returns with the most fascinating stories. None of that is as real as when you experience it.


1. Self-knowledge: It helps you to know more about yourself, especially when you travel solo. You are far away from your comfort zone and you have to use skills that you probably did not know you had, you self-discover. I love the quote: “Once you travel you will never be the same person again” so true.

2. Improves mental health: In this busy day and age, with a culture of overwork, anxiety and stress, constant use of technology, social media and tight agendas, taking TIME OFF is necessary to maintain your mental health. I can say from my experience that also improves it.

3. Increases your ability to adapt to situations: We have a remarkable ability to learn from others and to adapt to different situations. When you travel and experience different cultures, you familiarize yourself to that moment. This changes your perspective and increases your ability to adapt to a future situation.

4. It humanizes you: Being out there seeing different cultures, beliefs and how other people live, makes one modest. As Gustave Flaubert said, “You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world” To me, it also makes you feel more grateful.

5. You live! Many people sink into the routine and even lose the sense of living. When you travel you find new ways to enjoy and even love!

These are tons of reasons why and it changes from person to person. Let me help you to find your reasons too.

With all these packed schedules and overflowing inboxes, make it difficult to finish your to-do list, let alone find time to plan or even take a vacation. Building the itinerary for your vacation or trip can be exhausting.

I plan, you pack eliminates that stressful part for you while protecting your wallet.

Contact me for more information and I will help  you to plan out your vacation days, and take your well deserved time off to travel.

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Go travel!

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