Color Run Good to Know Tips

Ready for my first Color Run this next Saturday. I have done 5k before and as you might know, preparation is everything.

I want to share a few good tips that I just received today from the organizers. I’m so glad I received these tips because this type of competition is not just about the pre-run, you have to prepare for the after too!

Here are a top 10 DO’S and DON’TS to get you skipping, laughing, and dancing all the way to the Finish Festival:

  1. Bring a small sandwich bag for your cellphone. Color Runners love to capture all the color and happiness! Put your cellphone in a baggie to protect your phone and get ready to nail all those perfect selfies.
  2. Wear a bandana and sunglasses. If you plan on getting doused in powder, wear a bandana and sunglasses for when you run through those awesome clouds of color!
  3. Dress the part and wear white. The more white you wear at the beginning, the more color you’ll see on your clothes at the end! So deck yourself out in bright white and be ready to get colorful!
  4. Bring a towel and baby wipes. Throw some towels on the seats of your car and clean off your face with the baby wipes.
  5. Get there early. With thousands of other Color Runners at The Color Run with you, you’ll want to get to the event a little bit early. We also recommend that you pick up your packet the day before the event.
  6. Take a before and after photo. Snap a pre-race pic in your pretty white tee and then get another after the race once you’re covered in color. The before and after look will brighten up your Instagram feed!
  7. Run with friends, family, and kids. The Color Run is an awesome environment for any age and will definitely create smiles all around!
  8. Don’t stress. The Color Run is more about making memories and having fun than worrying about your mile time!
  9. Have fun. Take pics, dance, sing, laugh and enjoy yourself with your fellow Color Runners.
  10. Make the memories last. After the run, spray your colorful clothing with vinegar until soaking wet. Allow them to dry in the sun, then tumble dry in the dryer to set in the color and make a cool souvenir. Voila! The perfect souvenir to remind you of all the memories.


Until next time!


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