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Travel-Solo Essentials

Many people are afraid to travel because they think they need to do it with someone else or think that traveling alone can be dangerous. Yes, it can be but only if you are not cautious enough.

Days ago I posted good tips for all of us who enjoy Solo-Travel in my Travel Website that you might want to read

This post is just to share a few Items that helped me to ease my travel-solo trips. These recommendations apply to those who travel-solo as leisure or business.

Travel Essentials

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Backpacking? This one takes more than a Carry-on

Carry-on traveler and need extra space? This duffle waterproof bag is very practical and just USD 13.00

All documents are safer with you!

Never without charge. This one is 11,000 and gives my iPhoneX 3 full charges

Always carry with you the essentials in travel size approved by the TSA

Forget about selfie-sticks, this flex-tripod can be use anywhere, comes with a remote!


Find out much more travel essentials  HERE and Best Rated Travel Bags HERE

Go travel!



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