Honeymoon Destination – Part I

Deciding our honeymoon destination was last minute.  Our list included one week in Seattle, New Orleans, or an East Coast road trip between Charleston and Myrtle Beach. We wanted to experience city vibes, nature, and good food so we choose Washington State because it had all three.

I will split our experience into two parts so I can focus on each area we went to.

Part I: Our experience in Seattle, The Emerald City,  where we stayed for 4 days.

Part II: Olympic Peninsula road-trip that includes Port Townsend, Port Angeles, Forks, La Push, The Olympic National Park, and Tacoma.

Part III: Washington Wineries and a Where to eat guide.

Sounds like it was a lot for a week but it was perfect and the weather couldn’t have been better.

Joe wanted to have a relaxed trip meaning not being attached to tight plans and schedules, so we only booked the hotels and the car. We worked on a bucket list of things to do but didn’t book any of them, just to go with the flow of the day and to leave space for spontaneous events.

Here the highlights of our experience.

I have to start with our view from the plane.

Mount Rainier and all the peaks were our first WOW impression.






We like to explore like locals, so we opt for local transportation plus we like to travel with carry-ons which make it easier to move everywhere. We took Seatac station which is inside the airport property, really easy. Our closest station to our hotel was the Westlake Station, between 7th and 8th Ave in Pine St. It is a 45-50 mins trip that cost $3.00 per person versus $45.00 for a Taxi or Uber that takes minimum 30mins depending on traffic rush.

Our Hotel: The Paramount

First tip: If you want to be walking distance of everything important in downtown, stay in a place between 1st and 9th Ave and Stewart and Union St.

The malls and most famous shops are in this area, the most recognizable hotels, restaurants, and bars.



The Paramount Hotel is in Pine St and 8th Ave, right in that corner.

We loved our hotel, very welcoming, clean and with an A-Service staff who gave us good advice about the ci




The #1 Must Do: Pike Place Market

We went to Pike Market Center on our first day in Seattle. Is just like all the photos you see, full of shops, restaurants, bars, amazing views of the Elliot Bay and flying seafood. A foodie’s itinerary isn’t complete without a stop there. We went for the weekend and to us, there were too many people. But is what you will find when you visit a must-do.














From there we ended up having dinner and experiencing the rooftop of the Hard Rock Restaurant which was amazing.





Here the list of the activities we experienced in Seattle.  We bought all our tickets online right before arriving at each place because most of them have an online discount which helps you to save for an extra glass during happy hour.

We did not go to all the recommended things to do like POP Museum of culture, Chihuly garden and glass, science museum and museum of flight because we choose how to to the best from the all list, and of course leave something for a next time.



Space Needle -$32.00 p/p

Do not miss this experience with the best views of Seattle with 360 degrees look out. Just so you know is not the tallest building, this one has 605 feet and the tallest is the Sky view observatory with 967 feet.

But still, Space Needle is iconic.



Starbucks Reserve-Free access

Starbuck is literally in every corner of Seattle but the Reserve is the must to experience. Even if you’re not a coffee person you must go, they have tea. It has the rarest, most extraordinary coffees Starbucks has to offer.

Coffee flight tastings start at USD 4.5





Woodland Park Zoo:- $17.00 p/p

We are animal lovers and we loved it! Is not as small as you see on the map, can take you a while to see it all.




Seattle Aquarium- $27.00 p/p

Honestly, we were expecting a bigger aquarium but it has his essence. They had a giant octopus exposition, you can touch the starfish and also sea urchins. We loved the seals.




Seattle Great Wheel: $17.00 p/p

For a different spin on the city skyline, catch a ride here. Is located in pier 57.

We didn’t ride it because we were spoiled with Space Needle views. But on a clear day is definitely a place to reach vistas.


Last but not least, on our last night in the city we moved from The Paramount hotel to the Mediterranean Inn to be closer to our rental car area and avoid the traffic of the city. the next morning leaving to the Olympic Peninsula.

This hotel was close to the space needle, had great reviews online and is very affordable. What caught my attention was the rooftop they promote on different websites. It is amazing, breathtaking and really has all those great views!







Seattle became one of my favorite visited cities. Joe is not a city person and he loved it. People are really friendly and very dog lovers. Everyone has a dog!

Our only -We didn’t like part- Was that there are a lot of homeless. Is not a topic that I like to talk about but is a reality. I did read that Seattleites recognize that the crisis has been years in the making, and it cannot be solved overnight. But the City of Seattle is deploying new and unprecedented resources in coordination with our partners at King County to make progress – from doing more to prevent people from falling into homelessness to building thousands of new affordable housing units, to deploying new bridge housing and shelter units, to picking up trash and waste. So good news there.

Regarding our food experience, It will posted in Part III. We ate a lot! Hehehe but our favorites were Dragon Fish Asian Café right in The Paramount hotel, Pesos and Sansei. I will also share a complete guide with -The Where to eat and drink top places- thanks to a 2019 edition that I took from the airport.

Until next post!


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