Vday shop guide for HER

Like I shared on Instagram, surprisingly the highest percentage of visits for Valentine’s gifts for HIM, were from men. The idea was that you girls would take ideas for your loved ones. Because  of this, I decided to make a list of gift ideas for US.

Men say is difficult to give us gifts and we say that it is difficult to give gifts to them. My personal opinion if you know  him well, you will know what to give him without thinking much.

Now..We are more complicated because there are so many different things and so many different tastes!


Some of us love fashionable items and jewelry, others love tech gadgets, or just a good book. For this reason here I share over 70 gifts ideas for all budgets and all styles.

To access directly to all the items in the store, click on the following link:

Joa’s Storefront


Gift Cards also work. Starting at USD25.00

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