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Winter outfits on a budget

Oh winter season and all those outfits that look so neat – and expensive. Of course we want them all and to look like a movie star everywhere we go BUT that’s not reality when you want to stay on a budget.

Bad news is winter items are not cheap, you need to invest at least in a good coat and pair of boots. The good news is that you can stay on a budget by planning ahead.

Since I used to travel a lot and most of the time to cold winter cities, I had the time to plan ahead for outfits and have at least the basics without breaking my bank account. I used to live in Punta Cana with 85 Fahrenheit degrees winters, so having winter clothes was not a good investment. Now I live on the shores of Lake Erie in Ohio, with very cold winters, and winter outfits are required in the closet so let’s talk about some tips:

1.What’s your budget?

This is the first thing you should have in mind. Having a spending goal will make you more conscious when you shop.

2. Check what you have before buying.

Sounds simple, but it helps. You might already have long sleeve tees and pants that are warm enough during winter.

I checked before updating my winter outfits. I separated all my clothes by season and it helped a lot. I had items that I couldn’t imagine would be part of my winter outfits.

3. Be practical.

To me practical is asking yourself first, do I really need it? Or do I just want it?

For example: I would love to have a RUDSAK coat which cost USD $650-1000 approximately. They are sooo super warm but I’m home 85% of the time, so I don’t really need it. That’s an investment I can think of when I go back to work. The ROI is worth it and I know this because one of my best friends lives in Canada and has had one for 5 years now. The coat still looks like she recently bought it!


4. Be smart and do research.

If you are going to invest in something always ALWAYS do your research. Read comments and feedback and not only on one Website.


Let me share my experience with the Koolaburra by UGGs fashion boots that I recently bought. I was so skeptical after reading some reviews. People were complaining about “Not real UGGs” because the logo didn’t say by UGG’s. I’m not going to mention the store but I bought mine on Amazon and they came with the actual logo. I’m really happy with them they are cozy, very comfortable, and true to size.

Doing research also helps you to know what you need to buy. It’s like when you’re planning a vacation, you know ahead what to pack based on your research of that location.

Here I’ll share a good example: When it comes to winter LAYERS are very important, but I bet you knew that already. Did you know that the first layer touching your skin should be polyester and not cotton? I didn’t until I did the research. This is why:

Polyester is much warmer than cotton and in cold weather, cotton should not be worn close to the body, particularly in undergarments. Cotton does not hold heat well when it is dry and when it is damp or has absorbed body moisture, it will allow heat to move right through. … Additionally, polyester will dry quickly.

5. Shop basic.

Basics outfits mean that you should have at least a pair of black pants, a neat white shirt, black shoes, a nice skirt, and a good neutral suit.. right? When it comes to winter basics this means you should have a black or navy coat that accentuate everything in your closet. Also you should own a pair of black boots.

In other words shop items that will work for every occasion or at least 90% of them. They do not necessarily have to be black. Basic colors can be a light gray or beige for some people.

What’s basic?
  1. Fleece Jacket, hoodie, or a vest can sometimes apply.
  2. Coat
  3. Accessories: Scarf, gloves, warm socks, warm hat, or beanie.


6. Shop for quality not quantity.

Let me ask you this, If you had $100 a month to spend on clothes, are you the person who would want five twenty dollar sweaters? Or would you want two good quality sweaters from a recognized brand? I’m the second person. Being on a budget doesn’t mean you have to be cheap.

I learned that lesson years ago. I remember buying white shirts for work about every 2 months. In 2014 I bought one from Calvin Klein on sale and it cost me around $80 (I kind of cry because I knew I could buy four or five for that cost. I will say that today in 2019 that shirt looks just as new and sparkling white as it did five years ago.

7. Shop sales.

Everything goes on sale, you just have to be patient. Who doesn’t prefer buying a black and beige Ralph Lauren handbag bag for $180 instead of the retail price? I do!

The best sales for winter items will be during spring or summer when those items go out of season. It’s the time of year when most stores get rid of older styles.

Go online! Online shopping can have some great deals, always look for free shipping and the option to return. You might also want to do what I do, I save in a wish list several items that I would love to buy and track if the price fluctuates.

Click on the LINK below and see my online storefront for the winter items that are making my days warmer and won’t break the bank.

Winter Outfits Shopping List by joa

Last but not least, know your true value. Clothes will not make you a different person, and the goal is to have financial freedom. Hope these tips were helpful.

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