Alopecia areata – My experience

Let’s talk about hair loss, treatments and the real stress behind it.

Like I shared on Instagram this is not a pay or sponsored post. I care to share products with real results. I was diagnosed years ago with alopecia areata. Basically your body immune system attacks the hair follicles, causing hair loss because of severe stress.

When I say real results is because I tried tons of methods: Eating healthy, hair serums, minoxidil with different brands, topical medication, even mesotheraphy shots. But every immune system is different, so what works for some wont work for others and those did not work for me. 

You can use treatments to help alopecia areata, but this condition can’t be cured. I definitely found one product that is making a difference. I have been using Maka Capilar Health for the last 3 months and here I share my results. This is a before photo from October 20th, 2018 and January 20th 2019.

Tons of new baby hair, and my bald spaces are almost 100% covered. I’ve been using it twice a week. The company sells them in DR and also in USA which is amazing news because my second bottle is almost gone.

If you are interested leave a message and I’ll send you the info or just go to their website:

One of the reasons I got rid of the extensions and had a haircut is to continue with the treatment eliminating that extra weight. I’m also adding for the next 3 months Tea Tree Shampoo (Which is super good for hair growth), biotin pills and gummies. You can find them on my storefront from Amazon under list -Hair Growth –

Plus I will be doing the scalp detox mask at least twice a month. It helps to open clogged pores, remove product and dead skin accumulation. Clean hair follicles are necessary to maintain healthy hair. Here I share the mask ingridients:

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  • Danielle Michael

    Hey Joa! Looks like you found something that works! I used a hair product line called Monat for a while and people who experience hair loss and alopecia swear by it. The girl who sold it to me (it’s an MLM) had major hair regrowth. i didn’t like it, since hair loss wasn’t my main hair issue, but it made my hair grow like crazy. Almost too much. Anyway, it’s a shampoo and conditioner (among other things) you might want to look into it!

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