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Time flies dear bloggers! I remember writing my post, Blogging: First Month Experience, as if it were last week and today I’ve been live for 6 months!

Including all the time I spent studying how to create a good blog…let’s say I have almost a year and a half in the blogging realm. So after this first 6 months, I want to answer this question: Is it worth it? Yes it is, and it’s even more so when you write about something that you are passionate about.

BUT not everything is glamorous. There is an UGLY backstage blogging TRUTH. Based on my experience I want to share some harsh realities. Because honestly (like everything written online) not everything works.

Harsh Reality #1: Isn’t easy

Whether you make your blog your full-time job or not, it requires full-time work. It takes a LOT of time to set up your blog (The idea, research, hosting, design, schedule, content creation, learning basic programing, marketing strategies).

Plus you have to create captivating content, participate in social media groups, follow, been unfollow, read and comment on other blogs, and write guest posts, network with other bloggers and so and on and on.

But the positive side is that all this is new knowledge. So, isn’t easy because you have to dedicate time, and you will have to sacrifice a lot but is so rewarding because you are learning and doing something for yourself.

Harsh Reality #2: Are you ready to lose patience?

Let’s be real it’s going to take a long while for you to succeed. Are you ready for that?

Patience it’s a capacity that most people does not have. So if you are not a celebrity I suggest you develop patience!

When you start blogging you are really motivated, super excited, and your expectations are sky high. Time goes by, and all you see is a very slow progress. This can drag you down, and can discourage you. Now you start thinking about giving up and here comes depression because you waste time.

STOP! Find a way to motivate yourself, doing what you love to do (it works for me) If I’m blocked I just stop for 1 or 2 days to have a Me-Time and go back to business. Like I said in a previous post allow yourself to disconnect sometimes.

A good friend who has been blogging for 4 years now told me, be patient because it takes 1 or 2 or even more number of years to achieve success when blogging. I was like Nahhhhh but now I understand. Patience and effort go hand in hand, work on that!

Harsh Reality #3: Is going to COST you!

Is not just YOU investing YOUR TIME. A Blog, even if is a hobby, requires cash cash honey!

Getting your blog live should be exciting enough, but turning your blog into something amazing is going to COST you! But you can take your time evaluating what works for you. It took me 5 months before I spent money on other improvements like a WordPress theme, professional photos and paid training.

So, if you are new to blogging, I recommend you start with a free platform, and then migrate to your own site. As soon as you go that way Domain & hosting are mandatory, and just with those two there’s a USD 100.00 minimum investment per year. Honestly if you don’t invest in your blog, it won’t grow as fast.

The table below shows the expenses that I have incurred in the last year:

Domain – Banahosting  $   11.00 Per Year
Hosting – Banahosting  $   83.40 Per Year
WordPress Theme  $   35.00 Per Year
Photos  $   45.00 Per 10
Logo  $   10.00 Free – $$$
Education & Training  $   26.97 Free – $$$
Total  $ 211.37

Side Note: I use BANAHOSTING for Domain and Hosting, and I highly recommended, here’s the link for you to compare.

Harsh Reality #4: Earnings take time.

Today, after 6 months live I’ve earned $2.10 dollars.


Like I said IS NOT EASY. No matter what people is trying to sell you out there. Your blog won’t make money right away. It just won’t. Why? The answer is very simple. On the first months you are going to be working on market strategies, and you simply won’t have the traffic.

No traffic – no good revenue

In my particular case I’m still developing strategies to have more followers. It’s nonstop work, and everyday there’s more, and more information out there.

In conclusion, give it time. If you’re starting a blog to have 100k followers or earn an income today, you can prepare to be disappointed.

All you have to do is keep going. Improve. Repeat. Again and again. Keep creating great content and people will eventually take notice.  Share your content everywhere that you possibly can in social media. Constantly keep learning and doing your best to understand more and more about blogging and convey important lessons to your audience and you’ll succeed!

Share your comments!

Hugs – Joa


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