Engagement ring into the equation

I’ve been reading a lot about this topic after I got engaged. I like yellow and rose gold but not as much as silver tones in jewelry. My fiancé choose very well!

Admittedly, I’m a bit on the old fashioned side when mixing my metals. I have a variety of rose and yellow gold jewelry that I won’t toss or give someone else. My ring is white gold, so I better find a way to mix it!

I remember not so long ago how incredible tacky was to wear gold and silver in one look. Today, it seems, the rules around this statement are much more lax. Same thing happens in fashion, today, we don’t match shoes-belt- purse anymore. Today it’s all about confident self-expression, and become almost invisible but noticed!

So, back to adding your engagement-wedding ring to the equation, let’s forget the old, outdated rules. There is a fine line between been a serial ‘mixer’ and go wacky. If you, like me, are not very into fashion trends let me share these tips that I found during my research, and that I’m already applying to myself!

*Find gold and silver mixing ideas on fashion oriented websites, also jewelry websites and magazines.

*Look at ideas in Instagram accounts, oriented to this topic and/or #’s

*Create a public or secret board in Pinterest and make it your personal consultant.

Who doesn’t love Pinterest? I love to look and save options of similar accessories that I already have. It gives me a better idea of what and how to mix, and not just in jewelry, also clothing, beauty and home deco ideas.

Here I share my board, and also some ideas:

Tip #1: Wear one piece of jewelry that has silver and gold combined, like earrings or a watch. If you really like white and yellow gold tones, you can choose a band with both.


Tip #2: Mix both tones in arms and neck.

Tip #3- Stack or layer two metal colors in one place.


In conclusion don’t drive yourself crazy, you can try to mix it or not, at the end it’s your call.

Until next time!



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