Fine Food Experience in Vegas

An important requirement when traveling is to have at least one fine food experience… or 2, 3 why not! I thought New York, Montreal, Chicago, Port Clinton-Ohio, and New Hampshire were my Top 5 “Best Fine Food Experiences” But Vegas, and San Diego (That I’ll share later) surpassed all of them!

I’m not a food critic but I consider myself a foodie and I can say Joe is too. We both love to seek new food experiences when we travel, and we also enjoy knowing about cooking and cooking.

So what makes a fine dining experience?

To me is all about the atmosphere, it doesn’t have to be a fancy restaurant. Must include some eye-widening element of surprise, nice presentation of the food, harmonious and original flavors, glass filled with wine or a good cocktail, and most importantly, good company.

According to food critics there are 7 essentials for a quality dining experience:

  1. Culinary Specialism and Expertise
  2. Menu with variety and Choice
  3. Award Winning / Recommended
  4. Locally Sourced Finest Quality Produce
  5. Appealing on the pallet and on the eye!
  6. Atmosphere and Ambience
  7. Value for Money

We had two amazing fine food experiences in Vegas. Joe was excited of me trying two of his favorites restaurants: Top of the world at the Stratosphere, and Benihana a Sushi and Japanese Steakhouse.

Top of the World Restaurant Experience


TOW is located more than 800 feet above the Las Vegas Strip. Is an award-winning restaurant that offers an unparalleled dining experience with a breathtaking view of Las Vegas, the restaurant revolves 360 degrees every 80 minutes. It really exceeded all my expectations.

We arrived few minutes before our reservation so we had the opportunity to go to the 107 SkyLounge while waiting for our table. This Lounge bar is perfect for drinks before dinner, or for an evening of one of-a-kind views. The cocktails are legendary I had the “Elevated Sangria” and baby had the “Sky Blue Rasberry” both  A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Good to know: Open Daily from 4pm – 4am

  • Early Happy Hour 4pm – 7pm Daily, Half Price Appetizers and 2-for-1 Cocktails
  • Late Happy Hour 10:30pm – 1am Half Price Appetizers / 1am – 4am 2-for-1 Cocktails


As an appetizer one of Joe’s friends ordered the “Foie Gras” I was very surprised when he tried it because he is very picky when it comes to food. As a main course I had the Scottish Salmon on top of a crispy seared rice cake it was luscious, silky, and with a melt in your mouth texture. Joe had the 9 Oz. Filet Mignon in a red wine mushroom reduction with a twice baked potato, the steak was cooked to perfection. Definitely both plates were fantastic. We were full but dessert is a must! We order the cheesecake mousse.

The service was immaculate. The proportions are generous, and most courses have a wine pairing to enhance the dining experience. This was a dining experience I will be telling others for a long time.

Benihana: Sushi & Japanese Steakhouse

At Benihana it’s not just a meal, it’s an experience!
Is hibachi/teppanyaki. Teppanyaki is a style of Japanese cuisine that uses an iron griddle to cook food. Modern teppanyaki grills are typically propane-heated flat surface grills and are widely used to cook food in front of guests at restaurants. Teppanyaki grills are commonly confused with the hibachi barbecue grill, which has a charcoal or gas flame and is made with an open grate design.
Joe and I had one of the specialties that includes 6 course meals served with Onion soup, salad, shrimp appetizer, Hibachi vegetables, mushrooms, homemade dipping sauces, steamed rice, Japanese hot green tea and ice cream or sherbet with a few bottles of the Hana fuji apple sake.
Both options were amazing, and like I wrote before I highly recommend this two amazing restaurants. In my next post about Vegas I’ll be sharing other restaurants that really got my attention, and I’m looking foward to try in my next trip to Vegas!
This post is the continuation of the post: http://www.blogbyjoa.com/2017/09/18/romanticvegas/
Muah! Joa
Photo Credit: The 2 cocktails photo and the Foie Gras plate are from the TOW Restaurant Gallery. 

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