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Comfy yet Stylish – Airport Styles

What to wear when you’re travelling is so important! I learned my lesson after a few mistakes. I don’t think anyone enjoys to go somewhere in something uncomfortable, so I’m going to share my recommendations of comfy yet stylish when it comes to airport must-go.

Here comes my first advice: Plan what you’ll wear on the flight thinking about everything…How much I will have to walk in the airport? Am I going to have breakfast, lunch or dinner in the airport? It’s a nonstop flight or not? Do I have an aisle, middle or window seat? …Yes even that!

Planning your airport outfit has to be part of your Trip Plan. People tend to forget about this part and just wear whatever they find in the closet in the last minute or tend to buy new things for the trip like new heels, boots or jeans without having tried them first to check how they fit or feel… BIG MISTAKE!

Is not that we need to prepare for an assemblage of paparazzi waiting to shoot up at us, but traveling with comfy yet stylish outfits will make you feel even happier! I’m not saying to throw fashion totally out the window either. When it comes to dressing for a flight, much of my advice focuses on function. But dressing with a bit of style (while keeping conscious of comfort) could help you get a free upgrade (True story)!

I have a great Fail-Flight Outfit-Story. For my first trip ever -to Cancun- I wanted to arrive like a superstar Jajaja I’m talking about my best pair of jeans, nicest shirt, heels, super straight hair, make up, the whole package! Oh geezezzz all that to 85% humidity Cancun! Everybody was using shorts, sandals, and sleeveless t-shirts. But hold on, I’m not saying that’s stylish – is tooo tourist and sometimes uncomfortable. My point here is that if I had done my homework, I would have prepared better, including noooo jeans and no heels!

After many trips here I share my favorite’s must-go for airport outfits:

-A soft, loose fitting t-shirt, shirt or blouse. I love to wear white but it tends to attract all kinds of dirtiness. Same with black colors, forget about – Oooh! it will make me look skinnier!!!– No! It will make u lose your mind using a lint every 5 minutes. That’s not comfy. My recommendation is do wear white or black for long flights or flights with stops, and also wear “easy on, easy off” types. Try to screw buttons, hooks, and snaps.

-If you are wearing short or non-sleeve blouse, a jacket, cardigan or scarf is a MUST and always useful in the airport and plane where temperatures always fluctuate. If you’re going to a cold weather destination take your coat with you. Not in the luggage where is going to occupy 30% of your space.

-Fitted pants with stretch, like stretch-denim or soft-sleek pants are my recommendation (White color applies here too). I have a personal rule no shorts, and no dresses for a flight. I know they can be very comfy but always plan for the worst. What If the airline lose your luggage? or if you were delayed and ended up overnight in an airport-hotel? What if a kid is next to you playing with toys and scratch your legs? If there’s an emergency and you have to crazy run wearing a dress? Can happen! ….always plan for the worst.


-Comfortable, stylish Shoes – Smart sneakers, flats, or a cute low heel shoes. There’s also so many comfy boots, if is fall or winter I will wear them! If they are new pairs I will definitely recommend you to try them first. Saves space on your luggage too.

-Oversize tote or a chic backpack. Having all your essentials easily accessible is a go-to. I also have an extra clean t-shirt, undies and socks for the plane.

-Last but not least…Accesorize your look! Accessories are the less expensive option and can turn a boring outfit into a “wow stylish” outfit. You don’t need to break the bank on purchasing fancy stuff, there’s so many affordable and fancy options out there.

I have an album on Pinterest where I’m always saving outfits ideas, don’t we all love Pinterest????

Here I share some of my favorites:

Hope this smart tips are useful because traveling in discomfort due to our clothing choices is so not good and adds stress to the trip. If you plan correctly, could even save space in your luggage! So plan ahead and remember when you do it plan for the worst…

Until next!

Muah! Joa

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