Flavorful Cancun

Cancun has the most flavorful cuisine that I have ever had. I thought I knew all there is to know about Mexican food…but no! Forget about tacos and tortillas in a bag. Is way to different!

Dining in Cancun really is a treat. You will be seduced by the settings of every restaurant in the area: breathtaking sunsets, Mayan gardens, elegant and fresh interior spaces. All that, accompanied by amazing flavorful cuisine and very welcoming people. Cancun restaurants include various gourmet cuisines, such as Italian, French, Japanese, American, Argentinean, of course, authentic Mexican cuisine, among others.

I couldn’t try them all, but here are my recommendations based on locals and friends opinions:

Lorenzillo’s: Is a tradition, acclaimed on both a local and international level. They have the best lobster you will ever had, with a stunning view of the Nichupte Lagoon. (They recently open in Punta Cana and Its amazing).

La Habichuela: Amazing Yucatecan food in a very romantic garden. Try their ‘cocobichuela’, chunks of lobster and shrimp cooked in a curry sauce and served with rice and tropical fruit, and also try their ‘Chile en Nogada’



Carlos n’ Charlie’s: One of the best choices for dining with friends, or family. It is part of a famous Mexican restaurant chain, well-known for its excellent food, attentive service and lively atmosphere.

La Casa de las Margaritas (House of Margaritas):  Offers an authentic Mexican atmosphere, along with the chance to try excellent local cuisine, and of course Margaritas!

Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville: Speaking of Margaritas! This place combines excellent service, food and athmosphere of a fiesta. Try at least one of their signature Margaritas! Or two…or three….


La Madonna: Serves the most extraordinary Italian and Swiss cuisines. Has an air of sophistication and elegance backed up by the delectable cuisine and the extremely professional service. Try their martinis.

Marakame Café: Variety of gourmet dishes. Charming restaurant with an outdoor area. It serves an excellent breakfast and lunch buffet Monday through Saturday, while Sundays are known for the popular brunch.

Hacienda el Mortero: When it comes to authentic Mexican food, tasty salsas and an extensive selection of premium tequila Hacienda El Mortero really does have it all.

Puerto Madero: From Buenos Aires, Argentina,  serves delicious prime beef, fish and seafood, all prepared using authentic Argentinean recipes. They perfectly combine incredible flavors of the cuisine and an amazing selection of wines.



I invite you to try the flavorful and authenctic cuisine of Mexico. Im so hungry right now…

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Until next time foodies!

Muah! Joa

Pics Credit: From the restaurants mentioned on the post.

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