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Let’s talk about how to use this blog and how it can be helpful for those who travel or want to travel.

There are so many options out there when it comes to travel information, tips, food recommendations, etc. But like I said in my About Me post, learning from others experiences can be so HELPFUL! Obviously the more information you have better prepared you will be.

So how can you use this blog? I will not be only posting about my experiences, because of course I still haven’t been everywhere or know everything, and as a traveler you may want to know about places or things that I still can’t talk about. That’s why I divided my posts into categories.

On the menu you will find this categories up to the right:

  1. Journeys: Will be related to my own experiences.
  2. F & B Access stands for food & beverage: I’ll be posting recommendations of food and drinks from where I’ve been and also from my friends.
  3. People: Friends and family experiences and their recommendations!
  4. Travelista: Most of people haven’t heard about the term. Travelista is like a fashionista but for travel. What to wear, what is recommended according to culture and weather and also I’ll showcase outfits that I use when I travel and where to get them.
  5. Smart tips: Will display all kind of information related to travel, the do and don’ts, tips, tricks, how I chase the deals, etc. based on what I’ve learned in all the years and what I’ve heard that can be useful.

You also will have the option to translate every post or the whole page using the flags on the middle right of every post, languages available are Spanish,Italian, French, Deutsch and Portuguese!

Last but not least, you will have the option to share the posts on your social media and the information to follow Blog by Joa on Facebook, Instagram and coming soon my YouTube channel and Pinterest!

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